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Ankle Sprain Specialist in Corsicana TX

The Expertise to Help Keep Your Ankles Healthy & Mobile

If your ankle is injured and not treated correctly, it can heal itself in a way that may cause instability, limited mobility, and increase your likelihood of future sprained ankles.

Our award-winning podiatrists at Family Foot & Ankle Centers believe that getting it right the first time is of the utmost importance.

Early treatment is critical when treating a sprained ankle to begin mobilizing the joint and jump starting the heeling process.  Our expert podiatrists in Corsicana, TX, will quickly get you back in the game!

Symptoms of a Sprained Ankle

When you have an ankle sprain, the tendons, ligaments and sometimes bone become damaged. This is what leads to pain and inflammation.  Your blood vessels may also get damaged and “leak” which causes fluid accumulation around the ankle joint, which occurs as swelling. WBCs that are responsible to decrease inflammation, arrive in the area to improve blood flow. Some of the primary symptoms of a sprained ankle are:

  • Swelling and Bruising

Swelling is due to the accumulation of fluid in the soft tissues. At times, the swelling can be so severe that you feel an indentation when you push on it. This also leads to bruising. 

  • Severe Pain

The nerves at the damaged site become sensitive, which leads to extreme pain and discomfort. The affected joint can ache and even starts to throb after a few hours.  Moving your foot in different directions, walking and standing can make the pain even worse.

  • Warmth and Redness

The sprained ankle becomes red and warm to touch because of increased blood flow to that area. 

  • Weakness of the Ankle

 Damage to the tendons and ligaments that support the ankle may leave them in a weakened state. It is important to protect a recently sprained ankle as you are more prone to have another sprain as the ankle is weak. Treatment is aimed at strengthening the muscles and ligaments back to normal. 


If you suspect an ankle sprain, your foot doctor will examine you to see if there is a fracture or any other severe injury that may have occurred. 

  • Physical examination-  Your foot specialist will examine your ankle and foot to make sure that you have not accidentally injured the arteries or nerves of your foot.  All tendons and ligaments surrounding the ankle will be evaluated. At that point, the podiatrists will also look for the bony areas that might have been stressed or fractured in the ankle. 
  • Digital X-Rays- At Family Foot & Ankle Centers in Corsicana, we use the newest digital x-ray technology to further evaluate the injury. These images can be displayed in the room with the patient. 


Balance, strength, and flexibility are the key to prevent an ankle sprain. To avoid getting an ankle sprain, you can:

  • Stretch before and after a vigorous exercise. You can face a wall or a table and try to lean against it until you can sense the stretch in the back of your leg. Keep yourself in that position for about a minute, and then slightly return to your normal posture.
  • Practice a steady, stable training and go for balanced exercises
  • Always wear shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for the kind of task you are performing
  • Always buy well-fitted shoes with comfortable padding and lining
  • Walk or run slow if the ground is uneven and consider wearing an ankle brace. This prevention tip also goes for exercising on rough or irregular surfaces

    Treating An Ankle Sprain

    If you have had multiple ankle sprains, you may suffer from instability in your ankle. The ligaments have become too worn out or torn to withstand more sprains, which in turn makes it easier to sprain your ankle again. Instability worsens the more often your ankle is sprained. If your ankle instability is severe, you may need surgery to restore the integrity of your ligaments.

    However, most ankle sprains can be treated without surgery. Even a complete ligament tear can heal without surgical repair if it is immobilized appropriately.

    A three-phase program guides treatment for all ankle sprains—from mild to severe:

    • Phase 1 – resting, protecting the ankle and reducing the swelling.
    • Phase 2 – restoring range of motion, strength, and flexibility.
    • Phase 3 – maintenance exercises and a gradual return to activities that do not require turning or twisting the ankle. Activities that require sharp, sudden turns – such as tennis, basketball, or football – will be allowed later on. For minor sprains, this three-phase treatment program may take just 2 weeks to complete, and up to 6 to 12 weeks for more severe injuries.

    Get Expert Treatment for Sprains in Corsicana, TX, Today!

    If you’ve sprained your ankle, schedule an appointment today by calling us at 903-872-9910 or by clicking here to use our convenient online form. During your appointment, our team will be happy to answer all your questions about our treatments, our office, our flexible payment options, and anything else you may want to know about us! Call today – we can’t wait to help you live your life pain-free!

    Since 1999, Dr. Jeffrey Petty has provided 5 star podiatry care in Corsicana, TX. Dr. Fernando Cruz and Dr. Silpa Joy also see patients at the Corsicana location. We treat all foot problems and specialize in heel pain, ingrown toenails, fractures, and sprains. Treating patients in Navarro county and surrounding areas such as Ennis, Blooming Grove, Kerens, Mexia, and Fairfield.  As the premier podiatry center in Corsicana, TX, our foot doctors and team will get you pain free and back to doing the things you love!

    Your Top-Rated & Favorite Podiatrist In Waxahachie, TX…

    Dr. Moody is a wonderful doctor. I love how detailed he is and takes is time explaining things. Dr. Moody will make sure his patients are well taken care of. He helped me with my foot pain. I will continue to see him for my foot needs. I highly recommend him to everyone who is in need of a foot doctor!

    - Elizabeth F.

    elizabeth 5 star

    I had a great experience at Family Foot & Ankle, the staff is great, the doctors are awesome. It’s a very beautiful clean clinic. They helped me with my toe pain. I will definitely recommend this clinic to anyone with foot or ankle issues. Thanks everyone.

    - Isael M.
    isael 5 star review

    This office is convenient, friendly, and concerned. The staff is very helpful and caring. Doctor Cruz and Dr. Moody are informative and knowledgeable, very caring and want to help relieve your pain and discomfort. They have the newest treatments and medicines for you.

    - Donna C.
    donna 5 star review

    If you are looking for a Podiatrist look no further. This clinic has taken care of my son. It was so nice to go in and have the entire staff make us feel welcomed and answer all of our questions. We got in quickly and the x-rays are done in the clinic.

    - Krystal B.
    krystal 5 star review

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